juni 20, 2018

The Swedish Midsummer

In Sweden, the summer has just begun, and it’s the brightest time of the year where flowers and greenery flourish the most. This is celebrated every year in June with one of our most loved festivals – Midsummer.

Midsummer is one of the biggest and most celebrated festivals in Sweden. The day has a long history and Midsummer celebration, as it appears today, is a mix of both new and older traditions. Midsummer is an important celebration since many people start their vacations after it and also, it is the brightest time of the year. In some places far north in Sweden, the sun doesn’t go down at all during this period – therefore the saying “midnight sun.” Midsummer is often celebrated with both family and friends, and many people consider that Midsummer, rather than June 6th, should be Sweden’s National Day.

Midsummer is celebrated in several countries, however, the traditions and how to celebrate it differs from country to country.

In Sweden, Midsummer’s Eve is always celebrated on a Friday someday between the 19th and 26th of June. It’s a day that includes many special traditions. A typical Swedish Midsummer is usually spent on the country side where the day begins with making your own Midsummer wreath full of flowers. After that it’s time for the traditional dance around the Midsummer pole. The typical lunch for Midsummer consists of potatoes and herring and the dessert is usually a freshly baked strawberry cake! After lunch, it’s time for some traditional games, such as, throwing a boot as far as you can, or running as fast as you can with a spoon with a potato in your mouth. The night usually continues with a barbeque, and after that the evening party starts.

Some traditions go a long way back in time to when it was believed that the Midsummer night was filled with magical powers. One of these traditions is to pick seven different kinds of flowers to lay under your pillow. If you did this, you were supposed to dream of the person you would marry in the future during the night. According to the tradition, you had to pick the flowers under complete silence, and you were also supposed to jump over seven fences. Something that may not be that easy in modern times. As a little twist on this, we would like to suggest seven flowery cases for this Midsummer instead. Maybe not to put under your pillow, and we don’t promise any glimpse into the future – but a phone that definitely sparkles of summer feelings and fits perfectly with the Midsummer wreath!

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