To create and capture new value and drive not only production but also consumption towards sustainability, we are embedding sustainability into our core operations and making focused organisational changes. Moreover, we are embedding sustainability into every aspect of our organisational structure and culture. The new IDEAL OF SWEDEN sustainability strategy covers four focus areas: People, Product, Climate and Compliance. Each pillar is supported by company-wide policies and initiatives.



• By 2023 improve Human Rights due diligence practices.

• By 2022 improve B2B and B2C communication solutions.

• By 2023 engage IDEAL OF SWEDEN employees in relevant training that would cover all functional specialisations.

• Strive towards creating a diverse, inclusive and equal work environment.



• By 2023 achieve CO2 emission reduction in IDEAL OF SWEDEN entire value chain from 2020 baseline.

• By 2023 procure most electricity from renewable sources in IDEAL OF SWEDEN entire value chain.

• By 2023 increase Supply Chain resilience through increased transparency.

• By 2022 introduce green and sustainable office practices.



• By 2022 shift towards Design for Sustainability and initiate a pathway towards circularity.

• By 2023 find innovative solutions to facilitate sustainable product development.

• By 2023 improve communication by using standardised eco-labels.

• By 2023 improve and optimise material flow and production layout for all IDEAL OF SWEDEN product categories.

• By 2023 develop LCAs for main product categories to determine products’ environmental impact and create pathways to lower the negative impact.

• By 2023 create product material declarations to improve resource efficiency and inspire innovation.

• Accelerate resource recirculation by prioritising sustainable solutions.

• By 2023 significantly increase the use of recycled input materials both for products and packaging.



• By 2022 develop a robust corporate compliance program.

• By 2023 enhance supplier relationship management.


IDEAL OF SWEDEN’s corporate responsibility efforts, also aim to support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member states in 2015. At the heart of the agenda are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - independent yet interconnected and designed to steer governments and businesses towards a more sustainable future for people and the planet. Our latest materiality analysis that highlights the most significant sustainability topics for our internal and external stakeholders was used to select the SDGs to which IDEAL OF SWEDEN will contribute through our in-detail designed initiatives. Our contribution corresponds to the following goals: