mai 3, 2018

New In: Mayfair Clutch Velvet

Meet our popular Mayfair Clutch in an updated version in a luxurious velvet material that instantly adds that finishing touch to your outfit!

Velvet has taken the fashion and interior industry by storm. The trend got a real boost a couple of years ago, and the popular material is now viewed as a classic that is here to stay. Today, velvet is more of a rule than an exception in many people’s wardrobes and homes. The material can be found virtually everywhere, from dresses, shoes and bags to couches, pillows and curtains. Velvet is so soft and luxurious, it’s understandable why it has gained popularity.

iDeal Of Sweden has now taken the beautiful material and incorporated it into our Mayfair Clutch. The combination of Mayfair Clutch’s elegant, timeless design combined with the beautiful, shiny velvet material is a perfect match and will quickly become a favorite among your accessories.

The Mayfair Clutch Velvet comes in two colors—classic black and a deep wine red hue that both breathes luxury and elegance. For this iteration, we have also replaced the wrist strap with a golden chain that matches the logo on the case, increasing the luxurious feel. The gold chain elevates the look and adds an elegant touch to your wrist.

The Mayfair Clutch Velvet is suitable for most occasions and works well for day or night, and all four seasons. The beautiful velvet material puts a glamorous spin on an otherwise basic outfit, or adds a luxurious vibe to party attire. When it comes to fashion trends, velvet comes in strong every autumn and winter, but the trend fits just as well in the spring and summer months. Try pairing a velvet top or dress with our Mayfair Clutch Velvet.

Pre-order Mayfair Clutch Velvet here

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