Village Upliftment Program

nGender inequality, poverty, and poor education are some of the world’s most pressing issues, according to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We have teamed up with the Swedish organization Hand in Hand to help women get equal rights to education, thrive to their fullest potential, and pave their own way out of poverty.nnnBeing economically independent is still a luxury for many women around the globe. Providing not only for themselves, but their families is a substantial challenge that many women face every day. To make a difference in their lives, we are proud to be engaged in a village upliftment program in Kothidal-Kalakudi Panchayat, India, empowering the local women to start their own businesses and kick-start their journey towards economic independence.nnnnnnnnnnnn

Empowering female entrepreneurs in India. 

nnnnnnnnnnnnWe are thrilled to receive reports that since our involvement began there has been a progressive change which has laid the path for a better quality of life for the participating women. Before Hand in Hand, many women in the village had restricted access to the help and tools they needed. The support now being implemented for the women helps create sustainable outcomes, resulting in positive long-term benefits for the individuals, their families, and the greater community.n


nHand in Hand forms self-help groups to provide enterprise creation initiatives offers affordable microcredits with business training and creates health and medical camps within the village. With these efforts in place, the participating women from Kothidal-Kalakudi Panchayat have embarked on a variety of family-based enterprises, from running a petty shop to goat rearing, dairy farming, weaving, tailoring, and producing charcoal.nnMs. Devi, a budding entrepreneur and humble mother of two, said:nnnnnnnnnnnnn

“I have always wanted to do something different than the ordinary. This is the main reason why I engaged in the preparation and sales of charcoal. Now, with the support of Hand in Hand India, I am able to earn a decent pay for all the hard work I put in. I sincerely thank the entire team for their timely financial aid.”

nnnnnnnnnnnnOur engagement with the village upliftment program also contributes to the health project. A special medical camp for the welfare of women in the village has been established to make health care services accessible and affordable to those in the rural population, and bring attention to basic health and hygiene concerns that are often neglected.nnWith our continued help, Hand in Hand plans to strengthen the initiatives already in place and work towards a sustainability mechanism, continuing to empower the women of Kothidal-Kalakudi Panchayat to build a bright future for themselves and their families.nn