IDEAL OF SWEDEN unveils the all-new Active collection

Take a deep breath. Take time for yourself. Take a moment to reflect. Now is the time to do what makes you feel good, to clear your head, and be at one with yourself.

The world is changing, and so are the wants and needs of all moving with it. Never has there been a more important moment in time to focus on yourself and your wellbeing. With this in mind, IDEAL OF SWEDEN is proud to announce the debut of the Active Collection: an entirely new range of activewear products designed to help you in becoming at one with yourself. With dynamic colours, smooth materials, and edgy designs, the all-new Active collection truly captures the zeitgeist of the current lifestyle.

Inspired by inner wealth and happiness, the design process pivoted around the versatility of the range to suit the wearer and their daily rituals, whatever they may be. This is an era of change, and as we are given this opportunity to take a moment, to pause and reflect, to hone in on what makes us feel good, it leaves us with a humbling desire to fuel ourselves with more mindful moments. This collection is a celebration of you and your desire to focus on your wellbeing. The products are not there to be stand-alone accessories, but to effortlessly blend into, yet accentuate, your appetite for happiness.

With a brand new collection comes never-before-used textures and colour palettes to resonate with the essence of the campaign. Dynamic and versatile black, strength evoking khaki, and a powerful shade of rose to exude confidence - the hues of the collection embrace the feelings the products radiate. And with new detailing styles and design ideas composed in the Stockholm-based design studio, the products echo the message and modern way of life whilst maintaining the brand’s contemporary Scandi-chic style that you all know and love.

Making a debut in the range are IDEAL OF SWEDEN’s new line of accessories, bags: the AirPods Bag, the Active Bumbag, and the Active Bag. Completing the lineup is the Utility Strap and Necklace Case; an embodiment of leading an active lifestyle with everything in one place, so all that’s left to focus on is you. There’s never been a better time to seek comfort in feel-good moments with IDEAL OF SWEDEN’s Active Collection.