april 20, 2018

iDeal World Tour – Tokyo

During the month of April, iDeal Of Sweden has been out on a World Tour. Excitingly, we’ve visited 30 cities in 12 different countries. On April 14th, the 24th event was held in Japan for the first time, more specifically at ELLE Café in Tokyo.

As the name suggests, ELLE Café is owned by the fashion magazine of the same name, and is a very Instagram-friendly café located in a trendy part of Tokyo. ELLE Café has only been open for about a year, but is already very popular. It’s not unusual for people to queue for a long time to get a spot there.

iDeal Of Sweden reserved the entire restaurant on the second floor for the event, where 32 influencers were invited to a delicious afternoon tea. Just as Instagram-friendly as the restaurant itself was the food which, among other delicious dishes, included “Silver Dollar Pancakes,” strawberry and pistachio tarts and brownies. Lots of photos were taken of both the food and the venue, and the atmosphere was on point. The influencers had plenty of laughs, along with the team from iDeal, who hosted the event. At this event, everyone could sit down and really enjoy the food and drinks in peace and quiet, and everyone got the chance to chat with each other. The influencers really seemed to appreciate us coming to Tokyo to hold an event for them.

Also, the beautiful flower arrangements from Aoyama Flower Market were really appreciated, and the influencers made sure to photograph both the flowers and each other. They also seemed to love the new SS18 collection. “I want to have all of your products!” was mentioned, among other things.

A big thank you to all of the wonderful influencers who attended the event, to ELLE Café for allowing us to hold the event in their wonderful venue and to Aoyama Flower Market for the beautiful flower arrangements.

Photo cred: @eea_ikeda

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