juli 17, 2018

iDeal Of Sweden x Mall of Scandinavia

On Saturday the 7th of July, we opened the doors to our second physical shop located in Sweden’s largest shopping center – Mall of Scandinavia.

We were in place in the shop from 8 in the morning to prepare for the opening at 10 o’clock. With dusty blue shades, velvet details, a lot of space and green plants, the shop breathes a stylish, yet luxurious, vibe. Elite Floral created magical flower arrangements in beautiful white shades, and as a final touch, we had a huge copy of our best-selling Carrara Gold case, which intensified the luxurious feel of the shop.

The opening day attracted a lot of people: two hours before opening the first visitors arrived and created a queue outside the shop that grew rapidly. When it was time to finally open up the doors the queue had grown long and soon the shop was filled with people excited to lay their hands on their favorite products. During the first hours, the shop was so crowded that it was difficult to even move around. We see that as a sign of a successful opening!

To summarize the day, it was very successful – a fantastic shop and a lot of lovely customers! Thank you to everyone involved!

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