mai 25, 2018

Holiday Vibes

Vacation season is upon us and in large parts of Northern Europe, there’s a heat wave already giving us a taste of summer. Because of this, the holiday vibe is beginning to sneak up on us. But whether it’s rainy or sunny where you are, it’s about time to give your phone a warm weather makeover. If you’re planning on spending your summer out to sea, abroad or at home in the city, iDeal Of Sweden has you covered with the perfect case to match that vacay feeling!

Monstera Jungle
Large, green monstera and palm leaves adorn the Monstera Jungle case and make us think of exotic white beaches with waving palm trees and turquoise seas. The case is perfect for decorating your phone during summer vacation days spent lounging on the beach.

Carrara Gold
Spending your vacay at home in the city or taking a luxurious vacation on the Riviera? Carrara Gold is a trendy, glamorous case that fits virtually any occasions and destination. A true classic with its marble background and golden details. This popular case perfectly matches the beautiful sunsets of summer.

Neon Tropical
Against a black background, Neon Tropical features large monstera leaves in vibrant neon colors, including pink, orange and purple. The bright shades combined with the dark background carries our thoughts to warm, tropical evenings. Perfect for summer parties when the nights never seem to end.

Sailor Blue Bloom
The light and dark blue hues in Sailor Blue Bloom resemble the light blue color of a summertime sky and the deep blue ocean. The result is a case that is perfect for days on a boat out on the sea. The elegant flower print really gives us that peaceful warm weather vibe.

Floral Romance
Nothing says summer like flowers, and our Floral Romance case features everything we love about the season. Romantic flowers in lovely pastel shades pop against the crisp white background, reminding us of beautiful fields of flowers. This elegant case fits all summer occasions, such as weddings and graduations.

Mysterious Jungle
With its exotic leaves and colorful flowers, Mysterious Jungle combines two of this summer’s biggest trends. With the tropical feel, this case is ideal for exotic vacations. If you’re staying close to home this season, you’ll love the tropical summertime vibe.

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