mai 15, 2018

Hannalicious x iDeal @TAK

Last week, iDeal Of Sweden released a new collection designed by the influencer Hanna Friberg, otherwise known as Hannalicious. In honor of the release, Hanna invited 25 guests to a glamorous event last Friday. The occasion was inspired by her four gorgeous cases, all of which have a luxurious, glittery and golden vibe.

Stockholm welcomed us with sunshine and summer heat on Friday afternoon, and the popular rooftop bar TAK in Stockholm was filled with people celebrating the weekend with a glass of bubbly and an outstanding view of the city. Located on the 14th floor, the popular bar is no less than 48 meters above sea level. The event was held in the BUR section, where guests sat in a relaxed lounge area overlooking the beautiful view from the large panoramic windows. BUR was decorated to reflect the luxurious, glamorous vibe of the cases. Among the decor was a huge copy of the Golden Glamour case, which served as a backdrop for photos. Golden letter balloons lined the entire long side of the room, featuring the text HANNALICIOUS X IDEAL, along with beautiful flower arrangements.

The guests were welcomed with champagne topped with pink cotton candy, and after everyone arrived and found a seat, Hanna gave a presentation of the collection, in which she talked about the inspiration for the designs and showed off the cases. Shortly after the presentation, a variety of finger foods arrived. The restaurant specializes in modern Scandinavian food that meets Japanese flavors and cooking methods, resulting in exciting, unique flavors. During the evening, gunkan maki with crab was offered, along with wontons with raw beef or avocado and norimaki with mushrooms. Every dish was amazing both in terms of appearance and taste. With the delicious food, the first drink of the evening also arrived. On this particular evening, all of the drinks were inspired and named after the cases; the first drink consisted of a beautiful coral color that was influenced by the Coral Crush case.

The vibe was relaxed and positive, and there were lots of photos taken during the evening. Everyone loved Hanna’s collection, and many guests quickly decorated their phones with their favorite new case. Toward the end of the event, a tiered cake arrived that featured the same pattern as Golden Glamor. The confection was an appreciated surprise, along with macarons and vegan cake pops with “Hannalicious” printed on them.

Hanna and the guests ended the evening on the rooftop, where the sun was still warm and welcoming. A truly successful event with a lovely vibe, amazing food and drinks and wonderful guests!

Thanks to our sponsors My Perfect Day and Din Tårta, and to Elite Floral for the beautiful floral decorations. Also, a huge thanks to TAK for letting us host the event at your restaurant!

Photo cred: Lisa Höök

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